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A workspace is a group of applications that can be administered together

When you first log in to your Hive account, you can create a new workspace, or choose to log into an existing workspace if your account is part of an existing organization.

New workspace

Create a workspace

Each Workspace is assigned an API Key upon creation. This is an alphanumeric string (such as pk_live_b0850588f997cf08f219). It cannot be modified and you will be using it in your application's code when you call Hive APIs.

Another important piece of information is the API Secret. Think of it as your application's password which must be kept confidential at all times. If anyone gains access to your API Key and API Secret they can impersonate your application and access protected resources.

Credentials can be provisioned and revoked in the Hive Dashboard and you have complete control over the lifecycle of your credentials.


You can manage Workspace settings in the Hive Dashboard.

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